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With our job board, job-seekers from all industries and occupations and at all levels of experience can easily search for jobs. You can search by keywords, industry focus, and location.  

We are the first and only Wollongong and Illawarra regional job board primarily focused on promoting and capturing local job opportunities. Our job website allows local employers the freedom to choose a cost effective solution and we are the best place to go and find local candidates.


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Our Audience - Our JOBSEEKER Community 

The Jobsinthegong.com.au audience is a highly engaged, loyal, fast-growing community. They are proactive advocates for their own (and their family’s) work, career, local lifestyle and are also very passionate about all matters relating to the illawarra, local business economic growth and community well being.

Our Core Audience

·       64% Female, 36% Male

·       80% are Full time or Part time workers

·       35% currently work outside of the Illawarra region

·       75% are between 25-44 yrs. of age

·       62% of our visitors are currently working locally 

visitor.pngUnique Page Visits 6 500 +  Page Views 15 680 +

TOTAL JOBS ADVERTISED Weekly Av. 7 000+ Av Time 1:45min - Website Visitors last week*      

Facebook followers            15,000+

LinkedIn followers               1,500 +

Twitter followers                  1,000+

Instagram followers             2,000+

Pinterest followers               2,000+

Employer e-newsletter        2,400+(30% open rate)

Employee e-newsletter      11,000 +(45% open rate)

*Source Google Analytics July 2014

Total duplicated reach*:                  55,000+ per month

(aggregated nationally with a small amount of international traction )         

*Source Google Analytics July 2014



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